SeaUSasino - One Art House Summer Vacation houses in Sasino
Are you an artistic soul? Or maybe you like surrounding yourself with beautiful things? Let us introduce you to One Art House, unique 8-persons house on Kaszuby, in which carefree aura merges with an artistic extasy. The space can be an inspiration to act and evoke inspiration, which is quite common there. Inside the apartment […]
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SeaUSasino Ocean House - All-year houses by the sea for rent
Looking for an atmospheric wooden house by the sea? Get to know our 8-persons Ocean House. It’s a combination of luxury and elegance with coziness and freedom of summer leisure. Interiors in the New-Hampton style make this all-year house by the sea stand out, making it an ideal shelter from the everyday duties. Neutral, all-time […]
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SeaUSasino - The Sasino House - Unique stay in Sasino by the sea
Sasino House is a unique, 8-person apartment built entirely with spruce wood. The nature surrounding the house, in combination with the natural materials from which it was built (travertine, blue volcanic lava), creates a coherent whole and a carefree scenery for the rest. Living room equipped with a fireplace and 4 cozy bedrooms add to […]
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About us
SeaUSasino offers luxury apartments for rent in one of the most picturesque and atmospheric seaside towns. Sasino, located about 15 km from Łeba, attracts visitors with the most beautiful beaches, endless dunes and diverse nature. All-year-round wooden houses for rent are a guarantee of an unforgettable experience for everyone. Sasino apartments are a refuge that will allow you to enjoy together with your loved ones, an escape from everyday problems and worries. Take advantage of our transparent offer without intermediaries and no hidden costs.
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