Apartments for rent in Sasino – Looking for an atmospheric wooden house by the sea? Get to know our 8-persons Ocean House. It’s a combination of luxury and elegance with coziness and freedom of summer leisure. Interiors in the New-Hampton style make this all-year house by the sea stand out, making it an ideal shelter from the everyday duties. Neutral, all-time color pattern, referring to the closeness of seaside beaches, soothes the heart and mind. Used materials such as sandy travertine, white marble, and also spruce wood, evoke the association of paradise and carefree holidays, making this all-year house by the sea a true gem among other apartments. Coherent interior is completed by not only a white stylish bathroom but also well-thought through decorations.

Ocean House is a true combination of a classic finishing touch and new technological solutions of an intelligent house. Ocean House is also all about unforgettable memories. You can start the day here from a morning coffee on a terrace and finish it in the same place with a glass of wine.

When deciding on a stay in a wooden house by the sea, you don’t need to worry about the air quality, the business of a big city or checking on politics. Instead, you can turn on your favorite music, look through the window and forget everything for a moment. It’s in the kitchen of the Ocean House where the best dishes are created, and in the bedroom – the best dreams. All-year house by the sea is a perfect option for people who are tired of the constant race and want to stop for a second – be here and now. It’s also a checked solution for families with children who in the garden of the Ocean House will find space for innocent frolic.

In our all-year house by the sea, the time passes slower, and the action in the read books – faster. The sculptures in the garden and paintings on the wall are attentive observants, who can’t judge, and take everything on with humility. So, you can be whoever you want and do whatever in a place you will for sure call home.

The combination of the closeness to nature with the beautiful interiors and great localization makes Ocean House a very special place. Thanks to numerous facilities such as a dishwasher, coffee machines or tablet controlling the house, leisure turns into a different, realistic dimension. The house is adjusted to all-year visits, so whenever you will come – in the summer or winter, the comfort will stay the same.

Dębki – Piaśnica River going into the sea – 25 km from Seausasino

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we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all SeaUSasino houses. The natural materials used, such as marble, travertine, volcanic lava, spruce wood, combined with sophisticated furniture and lighting, create various compositions that resulted in the creation of 4 independent houses, whose interiors create separate stories and energies. Often our guests do not want to change the dock to which they come several times because they say: “This is my home, my second home”.

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