Are you an artistic soul? Or maybe you like surrounding yourself with beautiful things? Let us introduce you to One Art House, unique 8-persons house on Kaszuby, in which carefree aura merges with an artistic extasy. The space can be an inspiration to act and evoke inspiration, which is quite common there. Inside the apartment you can find works of art of valued artists, thanks to which emotions and imagination are even more awake. Being with art transports guests into a whole new dimension, which you won’t experience when choosing different summer houses by the sea. The interiors are ruled by the charcoal marbles and rust-colored slate, which in combination with the unobvious color pattern, create a unique atmosphere and character for this place.

When trying to understand how exceptional house the One Art is, try to image a situation when after a hard week of work, you partner proposes a spontaneous trip for a weekend. Destination – the North. You type in: houses on Kaszuby. After hitting “search”, One Art house emerges along with its brothers. You see the interiors filled with warmth and beautiful works of art. You feel a nice smell of wood mixed with freshness of sea breeze. You hear birds hidden somewhere in the tree overstories trees, which will wake you up in the morning with their singing. And suddenly it turns out that the destination is only 15 minutes away. Surrealistic, right? But true!

Summer houses, Kaszuby, forests and lakes. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend like that? In One Art you will find peace and quiet, which is so hard to find these days. And despite the different configurations of the shore, head to Sasino. Summer houses will be your guidance leading to wild beaches, sandy dunes and waves hitting the shore. In here, you can easily get lost to find yourself again in a place called essence of life.

For all our guests, we prepared all sorts of facilities such as modern kitchen equipment, place to rest, fast Internet and many more. One Art House will be a great choice for people sensitive to art, and who like to stay in aesthetic interiors.

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we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all SeaUSasino houses. The natural materials used, such as marble, travertine, volcanic lava, spruce wood, combined with sophisticated furniture and lighting, create various compositions that resulted in the creation of 4 independent houses, whose interiors create separate stories and energies. Often our guests do not want to change the dock to which they come several times because they say: “This is my home, my second home”.

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